[Botan-announce] Botan 1.5.8

Jack Lloyd lloyd at randombit.net
Mon Jun 26 09:24:18 EDT 2006

A slightly late announce notice for Botan 1.5.8. This is mostly a
cleanup release, but users doing interesting/unusual things with X.509
certificates may be especially interested, as this release allows you
to add support for new extensions at runtime (finally).
X509_Certificate::{subject,issuer}_info now returns a vector of
strings instead of a single string that has been weirdly conjoined,
which is a lot more sane (though obviously not backwards compatible).

Support for GCC 2.95.x (and probably egcs 1.1.2, though I haven't
actually tested egcs for quite some time) has been dropped in this
release. The problem is that GCC 2.95 seems to have problems with
certain cases of defining new classes inside of functions. This is
something that has annoyed me for some time, but I've worked around it
up until now. However, at this point (I think) every major OS is
shipping with at least gcc-3.0 (there are exceptions, like
OpenBSD/vax, but nothing major), and some of the cleanups I was doing
in this release *really* wanted local classes. I'm going to be using
them even more in the future, though mostly in order to work around
that C++ (gack) doesn't have nested functions.


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