[Botan-announce] Botan 1.5.13 (AKA 1.6.0-rc1)

Jack Lloyd lloyd at randombit.net
Mon Dec 11 00:19:36 EST 2006

While there were a number of changes I had planned on making for 1.6.0
that have not been done, it's pretty clear that I'm not going to be
able to work on any of them in the near future, and so I've decided,
given the fairly calm/stable nature of things right now, to push
1.5.13 as a release candidate for 1.6.0.

1.5.13 has only very minor changes as compared to 1.5.12 (the
compression and GNU MP modules now compile again, and support for
Intel and PathScale compilers on x86-64 is a bit better).

Changes as compared to 1.4.x include:
  Much faster public key (3x - 15x, depending on algorithm/key size/CPU/compiler)
  Nearly completely rewritten DER/BER codec
  Cleaner build/configuration system
  x86 and x86-64 assembly implementations of some common algorithms

And many many bugfixes and internal cleanups (quite a number of which
have caused API changes in public, but obscure, areas)

I'd recommend testing your applications. Changes that I know break (at
least one instance of) user code:

The DER/BER codec changes are substantial, if you were using this API
you will have to change your code. Most of the changes can be done in
a fairly automated way.

get_dl_group has been removed. Instead create a DL_Group object
directly, passing the same string you would have passed to
get_dl_group to the DL_Group constructor.

The function-based initialization/shutdown functions are now static
members of the LibraryInitializer class instead of being global
functions in the Init namespace.

If you find bugs, please submit them to Bugzilla and/or email me.


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