[Botan-announce] Botan 1.7.4

Jack Lloyd lloyd at randombit.net
Tue Mar 11 00:29:08 EDT 2008

Botan 1.7.4 is out with some optimizations and a handful of
compilation fixes affecting recent developement releases (all
involving modules), including that in 1.7.3 the build system would
attempt to compile es_dev, which is Unix specific, on any system
(patch from Joel Low).

If the build macro saying that unaligned reads are safe to use
(BOTAN_TARGET_UNALIGNED_LOADSTOR_OK) is on, pointer tricks are used to
significantly speed up byte<->word conversions. This is definitely
safe on x86 and x86-64 (and currently they are the only systems that
have the optimization enabled). It may work on Alpha or PowerPC as
well. This was suggested and initially implemented by Yves Jerschow.

x86-64 assembly is used to access the bswapl and bswapq instructions
for fast endian reversals. Also the xor_buf function uses the same
pointer tricks as loadstor.h (though it would probably be better to
write the entire function in SSE2 for x86-64).

Some loops in SHA-160 were unrolled, giving a small but measurable (4%
on my Core2) increase in performance.

Downloads are now linked to from the top level page


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