[Botan-announce] Botan 1.7.13: Addition of SSL/TLS functions

Jack Lloyd lloyd at randombit.net
Sat Sep 27 12:37:10 EDT 2008


This email is to briefly announce Botan 1.7.13. The primary change in
this release is the addition of the SSL v3 PRF and MAC functions as
well as the TLS v1.0 PRF. All of these had been in Botan until release
1.4.5, at which point they were moved into Ajisai
(http://www.randombit.net/code/ajisai/), an SSL/TLS library based on
Botan. However I realized that it is quite reasonable that alternative
SSL/TLS implementations based on Botan is feasible (and would be
highly desirable, especially considering how incomplete Ajisai is);
since Botan's purpose is to provide cryptographic functions, it made
sense to me to move these functions back in Botan so that any SSL/TLS
library can make use of them.

Check out Botan 1.7.13 at http://files.randombit.net/botan/Botan-1.7.13.tgz
as well as Ajisai at http://www.randombit.net/code/ajisai/


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