[Botan-announce] 1.8.11 - CRL fixes, Sun Studio, VC++ debug builds

Jack Lloyd lloyd at randombit.net
Tue Nov 2 16:23:49 EDT 2010


I've released botan 1.8.11 which fixes some issues:

 - Multiple bugs in CRL encoding and decoding have been fixed

 - When building a debug library under Visual C++, the debug
   runtime will also be used.

 - Thomas Maier-Komor contributed patches for compilation under
   the Sun Studio compiler on Linux and Solaris.

 - Most of the examples now open their input files in binary
   mode. This avoids some confusing problems, especially on

Also, the long-deprecated Perl build script has been entirely
removed from the tree in this release.

Download links at http://botan.randombit.net/download.html


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