[Botan-announce] 1.9.17, third release candidate for 1.10.0

Jack Lloyd lloyd at randombit.net
Fri Apr 29 22:50:28 EDT 2011

I've release botan 1.9.17, which is the third and hopefully final
release candidate for 1.10.0.

The changes in this release are minor. The format preserving
encryption routines were renamed; this was because I realized
fpe_encrypt and fpe_decrypt are pretty vague, and it's likely that FPE
schemes quite different from the ones currently in the library will be
standardized by NIST sometime in the next year or two. To avoid having
to deal with a renaming hassle much later on after more people are
potentially using the old interface (which was only available in 1.9)
I decided to break it now before stabilization. Lame to do a breaking
change this late in the cycle, but so it goes.

Support for the BeOS clone Haiku was improved.

A bug in 1.9.16 effectively disabled cpuid support; this has been fixed.

If Sphinx is found in the path, it will automatically be used to
generate HTML documementation. If not, the ReST sources will be
installed directly as documentation.

Changes that have happened since I sput out 1.9.17, though I kind of
wish I had done them beforehand - TLS works under VC 2010. This will
be available in 1.10.0, which by the way has an anticipated release
date of May 13th.

Please test your applications aginst this release, filing bugs if
needed. And please report any builds, successful or not. I am making a
firm commitment that future releases on 1.10.x will not break ABI, so
if something is broken in 1.10.0 that fixing would mean breaking ABI,
it stays broken though this cycle. This will be sad, because it means
we'll be all stuck with it until 1.12 is released and cycles through
the distros, circa 2015 or so. Consider this last and final call for
comments/complaints on 1.9.


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