[Botan-announce] Botan 1.11.11 released, SSLv3 deprecated

Jack Lloyd lloyd at randombit.net
Tue Dec 23 08:41:43 EST 2014

I've released botan 1.11.11 with various small build fixes, mostly affecting
MinGW and the amalgamation build. The TLS session cache that stores to sqlite3
has been refactored and could be used with a different SQL database given a
suitable subclass of a new SQL_Database interface. And the new system_rng is
now available on Windows and MinGW.

One additional important note is that as of 1.11.11, SSLv3 support in the TLS
stack is officially deprecated (in addition to being disabled by default, as
it has since 1.11.6). I'm planning on removing SSLv3 support entirely in Q1 of
2015 for both 1.11 and 1.10 branches. If this raises horrible show stopper
issues for you now is your time to yell.


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