[Botan-announce] Botan 1.11.14 released

Jack Lloyd lloyd at randombit.net
Sat Feb 28 09:54:31 EST 2015


Botan 1.11.14 has been released.

SHA-256 4b7bc66d9b7b8ee61c6d7db8829704f918c6a53092c6eaae5069ecc451334ad1

The major change, touching almost the entire library, is the removal
of the global state object the library had previously used as well as
a rewrite of how functions like get_block_cipher() map from a string
to an object. The lookup system consumes much less memory and is a bit
faster in the average case. Currently LibraryInitializer is a complete
no-op, though some form of (idempotent) init function may still be
needed in the future.

A new module 'ffi' provides a plain extern "C" interface with a simple
API/ABI intended to make it easy to call from other languages using
their existing tools for C FFI (for instance the ctypes libraries of
Python or OCaml, or Rust extern signatures). The Boost.Python wrapper
has been removed and a new pure-Python wrapper botan.py (using ctypes)
providing ciphers and hashes, bcrypt, and most public key operations
has been added.

The TLS stack supports OCB mode as an alternative to GCM or CCM,
following the internet draft draft-zauner-tls-aes-ocb-01. It is
disabled by default in the policy, as the current specification is a
draft and the ciphersuite codes used are in the experimental/private
use range.

Specialized reducers for the P-192, P-224, P-256, and P-384 primes
were added.

There were many other smaller improvements and various bugs fixed,
details are in the release notes:

Finally, perhaps of interest to D programmers is the recently announced
rewrite of botan into D:

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