[Botan-announce] Attn all XMSS users

Jack Lloyd jack at randombit.net
Fri Mar 15 08:49:51 EDT 2019


It appears that XMSS signature scheme changed formatting between
draft-06 (which is what Botan currently implements) and the final RFC.

There is now an open PR from Matthias Gierlings to update the XMSS
implementation to follow the RFC https://github.com/randombit/botan/pull/1858

However, merging this PR means that any keys and signatures generated
by any version of Botan up to now would become invalid.

Of course, not merging the PR means that Botan's keys and signatures will
continue to be rejected by RFC compliant implementations of XMSS.

If nobody has ever used XMSS then great, we merge the PR, change the
OID for the keys so no confusion is possible and move on. However I do
not want to leave an existing user stuck, where they are forced to
continue using an older version of the library in order to continue
using their existing keys. If such users exist then we'll have to work
out some other solution in order to support both draft-06 and RFC.

So, if you use XMSS in a production system please either respond to
this email (privately is fine) or comment on the PR. If no indications
are found of such users of XMSS, then the PR will be merged for
inclusion in the July release (2.11) and support for XMSS draft-06
will be removed.


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