[Botan-devel] Need comments from VC users

Jack Lloyd lloyd at randombit.net
Mon Jun 6 18:51:02 EDT 2005


So for quite some time now I have not had a Windows machine handy, and finally
have set up VMware with XP and the free Microsoft compilers+SDK tools. And I'm
finding that Botan doesn't seem to build well with the latest tools, though it
seems to primarly be little things, like that I never fixed the makefile so
that it passed -Ibuild/include instead of -Iinclude (and I made that change
last year sometime so it's been busted for a while), and the linking setup is
somewhat broken (at least with the free version of the 2003 compiler + the
latest platform SDK).

So I have the following questions for the Visual Studio users out there:

1) Are you using a commercial version, or the free tools?

2) Which version are you using?

3) Are you using the 'standard' build procedure (ie, configure.pl+nmake from
   the command line), or do you have workspace files set up?

4) Any other comments about usability/stability of Botan on Windows? I'm
   primarly a Unix guy, and while the very early versions of Botan were done on
   Windows, Unix has been my primary development platform for many years, and
   I'm wondering what peoples's impressions are of the Windows support as it
   exists now. I'm really not a very good Windows developer, I'm afraid. :/

Responses on or off list are fine; if I get more than a few offlist responses
I'll probably summarize them to the list with identifying/sensitive information


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