[Botan-devel] Need comments from VC users

Martin Vejmelka vejmelkam at seznam.cz
Tue Jun 7 17:26:37 EDT 2005

Hello Jack,

Happy to share my experiences:

1/2) I use VS.NET 2003.
3) I made a custom static lib project (took 5 mins), added the 
source/include files and
    everything compiled out of the box.
4) Works great, no problems at all encountered with operation up-to-date.

I use on a regular basis
a) symmetric (AES) encryption/decryption, CBC mode, PKCS7 mode
b) asymmetric (RSA) encryption/decryption
c) PBKDF password generation
d) Tiger hashing
e) loading and saving of  keys (X509/PKCS#8 encode/decode)

and I had no problems at all.

Martin V.

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