[Botan-devel] Need comments from VC users

Elliot Turner elliot.turner at comcast.net
Wed Jun 8 00:37:47 EDT 2005


1/2. Enterprise Edition, Visual Studio .NET 2003

3. We created qmake .pro files for Botan, to allow for builds on both 
VC.NET and Linux/gcc.  On Win32 a special workspace is utilized that 
contains both a dummy project (configured with special build commands to 
allow for generation of a .vcproj from the .pro source project using the 
"Compile" option inside the IDE), and the  auto-generated .vcproj 
windows project file.  Note: qmake is part of QT

4. No problems on Win32 or Linux; Botan has been very stable and 
provides the best API of any of the encryption/PKI libraries we evaluated.


Elliot Turner
Orchestr8, LLC

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