[Botan-devel] types

wurzin wurzin at ywave.com
Fri Mar 25 11:13:55 EST 2005

> I'm a little confused. First, what is libgm? If you mean libgmp, that portion
> of the code is completely optional, and secondly an LGPL license should be fine
> for a commercial application. An LGPL license does not (AFAIK) 'infect'
> anything it is linked to, and would not place any conditions on your own
> code. Obviously I'm a coder, not an IP lawyer, but that was my understanding of
> how the LGPL works...
> -Jack

Well, the possibility of libgmp(my bad) being optional is great news for 
me then. :)  I'll be able to use your awesome library after all.

My point before was simply due to what I view as an imperative need to 
"statically" link the library with my code.  You can (afaik) dynamically 
link in an LGPL'ed lib with your code without suffering the need to 
release your source, but statically linking it in would require you to 
do so.

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