[Botan-devel] Covert key into Memory Object

sam wun sam.wun at authtec.com
Mon May 23 12:03:42 EDT 2005

Dear list,

Is there anyway I can pass a public key as a string to X509::load_key()?
At the moment, the load_key does accept public key as a file name (the 
file name is in string type). I didn't realised this problem. When I 
passed in a public key as string to the load_key() function, the name of 
the key was treated as a file name, therefore the key was loaded 
If I need to pass a key in to the load_key(), I think I need to make it 
as  a Memory Object first, then pass the Memory Object to the load_key() 
function. How can covert the key into Memory Object before passing into 
the load_key() function?


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