[Botan-devel] Win32 entropy collector on NT4

Matthew Gregan kinetik at orcon.net.nz
Mon Nov 28 17:37:08 EST 2005


The slow_poll() member function of the Win32_EntropySource entropy collector
does not work on NT4 and earlier versions of NT (but does work on Win95
upwards).  This is because the CreateToolhelp32Snapshot and Heap32* APIs are
not available on these platforms.

Would you be interested in a patch that expanded the slow_poll()
functionality to detect which APIs are available at runtime, and attempt to
use only those that are?  There are some useful comments in OpenSSL's
implementation of RAND_poll() for Win32 that will be useful in implementing
a patch along these lines.

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                                  /|                kinetik at orcon.net.nz

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