[Botan-devel] Win32 entropy collector on NT4

Jack Lloyd lloyd at randombit.net
Mon Nov 28 17:40:39 EST 2005

Yes, I saw that bug report as well (I finally realized last night that it would
probably make a lot of sense for me to subscribe to the Monotone dev list). If
you want to try your hand at a patch, feel free. I don't have a Windows
development environment handy at the moment but could probably work something
up without much trouble in time for 1.4.10 (which I'm targetting for before the
end of the year right now). It was a known problem, but I always figured that
nobody was deploying new code on NT4 and I could get away with being lazy about
runtime detection.


On Tue, Nov 29, 2005 at 11:37:08AM +1300, Matthew Gregan wrote:
> Hello,
> The slow_poll() member function of the Win32_EntropySource entropy collector
> does not work on NT4 and earlier versions of NT (but does work on Win95
> upwards).  This is because the CreateToolhelp32Snapshot and Heap32* APIs are
> not available on these platforms.
> Would you be interested in a patch that expanded the slow_poll()
> functionality to detect which APIs are available at runtime, and attempt to
> use only those that are?  There are some useful comments in OpenSSL's
> implementation of RAND_poll() for Win32 that will be useful in implementing
> a patch along these lines.
> Thanks,
> -mjg
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