[Botan-devel] Botan 1.4.7 VC7 probs... halp? :)

Rachel Blackman seattlesparks at mac.com
Mon Oct 3 20:46:05 EDT 2005

So, I have a situation where I need a cryptography library to work 
under both Windows and Linux.  Happy day, I stumble across Botan, and 
this pleases me greatly: it seems to meet all my needs perfectly, and 
even has a comparatively sane API.  (A sadly rare thing these days.)

So I download, and unpack, and it compiles fine on Linux (and also on 
the Mac OS X box I use for most UNIX dev).  But... not quite so much on 
Windows.  With Visual Studio .NET 2003, I run configure just fine, and 
it's building along happily, and runs into:

src\cast128.cpp(131) : error C2326: 'Botan::byte 
Botan::CAST_128::key_schedule::ByteReader::operator ()(Botan::u32bit)' 
: function cannot access 'Botan::get_byte'

...and NMAKE (unsurprisingly) coughs up a hairball and dies.  What does 
surprise me is that get_byte has been getting used in a number of other 
BlockCipher subclasses which compiled just fine before this point in 
the make routine.

So, before I crack open too many source files to track down what 
happened, I thought I'd toss off a note to see if anyone's familiar 
with this one. :)

Rachel 'Sparks' Blackman -- sysadmin, developer, mad scientist
"If it is not broken, give me five minutes to redesign it!"

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