[Botan-devel] Botan-1.6.2 build fail with vc2003

Christophe Meessen meessen at cppm.in2p3.fr
Wed Jun 20 11:30:17 EDT 2007


I know I use the old VC2003 but I can't afford a more recent version for

The compilation problem was finally solved by adding 'Botan::' in two
locations in the file x509stat.cpp.
In now compiled and the check ran perfectly. :] I hope this helps.

Note that adding  Botan:: there doesn't change the semantic of the code.
The problem results from a "feature" of VC2003 because the code was
perfectly correct.

#define CREATE_PROTOTYPE(NAME, TYPE)                         \
   do {                                                      \
      struct TYPE ## _Prototype : public Extension_Prototype \
         {                                                   \
         Certificate_Extension* make(const OID& oid)         \
            {                                                \
NAME))                     \ <-- add 'Botan::' here
                        return new
Botan::Cert_Extension::TYPE();            \ <-- and here
            return 0;                                        \
            }                                                \
         };                                                  \
      add(new TYPE ## _Prototype);                           \
   } while(0);

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