[Botan-devel] Network I/O

Barath Raghavan barathraghavan at gmail.com
Sun May 27 23:17:54 EDT 2007

Hi Jack,

Thanks for the suggestion - I'll try it out tomorrow.  Does using a
<msg length, msg> tuple per message seem like a reasonable approach to
delimiting the messages?  (That is, sending the message length in
network byte order followed by that many bytes of data.)

Thanks for writing a cool crypto library.


On 5/26/07, Jack Lloyd <lloyd at randombit.net> wrote:
> Hi Barath,
> You don't state how you are framing the messages. EAX itself does
> nothing with that, so you need to combine the messages coming out of
> the encrypting pipe in such a way that they can be broken up later.
> A few ideas come to mind. You could write an explicit loop, as in:
> pipe.start_msg();
> while(!msg_termination_condition)
>    {
>    a_buffer = socket.read();
>    pipe.write(a_buffer);
>    }
> pipe.end_msg();
> You could also put this into a new DataSource subclass. This will only
> work if message boundaries are visible in the ciphertext. It would
> detect where the end of data marker is and then set end_of_data to
> return true (so process_msg returns). Then you can write something
> like:
> DataSource_Mine in(stream);
> while(!in.eof_on_socket()) {
>    pipe.process_msg(in);
>    in.next_message();
>    SecureVector<byte> this_msg = pipe.read_all(Pipe::LAST_MESSAGE);
> }
> [with in.next_message() moving the read pointer forward to the next
> message in the stream]
> Hope this helps,
>   Jack
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