[Botan-devel] Re: Re: LibraryInitializer problem in Win32 (Jack Lloyd)

Yan Shpilsky yshpilsk at stevens.edu
Sat Oct 20 18:48:20 EDT 2007

Hi Jack,

I compiled everything using only the command line.

For the Botan compilation:
perl configure.pl msvc-generic-generic

For the program compilation (getCred_2.cpp source):
cl getCred_2.cpp /EHsc /link libbotan.a

I added appropriate include folders and lib folders to the library and 
lib env vars, respectively, so the program compiled with no errors.
I have also compiled the full program under Solaris and Linux, using 
perl configure.pl sunwspro-generic-generic and perl configure.pl 
gcc-generic-generic, respectively, for the Botan build. The program 
worked perfectly using these builds.
In the Windows version the program also compiles and links without 
error and works on every line up until the library initialization line, 
as I had a message that output in the line before it and the line after 
it, and only the first message would print.

I am using Windows XP Home SP2.
I have never used VC8 before and to be honest I find the GUI very 
confusing, and am not sure how to get debug information.
If you can help me compile with debug info and run the debugger on the 
file, I will send you the info. In the mean time I will try another 

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