[Botan-devel] Building for MIPS

Meenal Verma mailtomeenal at rediffmail.com
Mon Oct 22 20:58:50 EDT 2007

Hi,I changed the compiler to reflect the path of my cross compiler, but it gives errors that never endHere is a small snippetIn file included from build/include/botan/base.h:9,                 from build/include/botan/adler32.h:9,                 from src/adler32.cpp:6:build/include/botan/exceptn.h:10:21: exception: No such file or directorybuild/include/botan/exceptn.h:11:18: string: No such file or directoryIn file included from build/include/botan/base.h:9,                 from build/include/botan/adler32.h:9,                 from src/adler32.cpp:6:build/include/botan/exceptn.h:19: `exception\' is not a class or namespacebuild/include/botan/exceptn.h:22: parse error before `&\' tokenbuild/include/botan/exceptn.h: In member function `const char*   Botan::Exception::what() const\':build/include/botan/exceptn.h:21: `msg\' undeclared (first use this function)build/include/botan/exceptn.h:21: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only   once for each function it appears in.)build/include/botan/exceptn.h: At global scope:build/include/botan/exceptn.h:23: warning: `virtual\' is not at beginning of   declarationbuild/include/botan/exceptn.h:23: warning: ISO C++ forbids defining types   within return typebuild/include/botan/exceptn.h:23: destructors must be member functionsbuild/include/botan/exceptn.h:23: return type specification for destructor   invalidThe list never ends, any pointers?ThanksMeenalOn Mon, 22 Oct 2007 20:35:29 -0400 Botan development list  wrote  On Mon, Oct 22, 2007 at 11:38:35PM -0000, Meenal Verma wrote:    > Hi,I tried building with the MIPS cross compiler that I have  > (mipseb-linux), it says, compiler isnt known, so cant we use our own  > cross compiler? This is the cross compiler that I need to use to get  > the binary working on the simulator?    Can you post the exact commands and output you are seeing? Probably  all you need to get a build is:    ./configure.pl gcc-linux-mips32  CXX= make    -Jack  _______________________________________________  botan-devel mailing list  botan-devel at randombit.net  http://www.randombit.net/mailman/listinfo/botan-devel  
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