[Botan-devel] Building for MIPS

Jack Lloyd lloyd at randombit.net
Mon Oct 22 22:55:16 EDT 2007

On Tue, Oct 23, 2007 at 02:04:52AM -0000, Meenal Verma wrote:

> Hi I made some progress, I was able to compile all the files, it did
> generate a libraray libbotan.a.

> However, it gave this error towards the end
build/lib/adler32.o: build/lib/adler32.o: cannot execute binary file make: ***
> [libbotan-1.7.2.so] Error 126

> Does the build try to execute some executables?

No, it shouldn't normally. How did you edit the Makefile, if at all?
I'm wondering if it attempted to created the shared object via the
host compiler, which might cause such an error. I see with my GNU
toolchain, the error for that includes the supported and detected
architectures, but maybe older versions said this error instead?


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