[Botan-devel] Botan C++ vs TPLockBox

atlantida sotlef at atlantida.perm.ru
Mon Sep 17 14:04:02 EDT 2007

> I don't know Delphi or the TPLockBox library, but It would guess that
> gAes.GenerateKey() call in the Delphi code would generate a random or
> psuedo-random key, rather than a key of 00010203... - the two sides
> have to agree upon a single value for the key for a symmetric
> algorithm like AES to work properly.
> Jack

Thanks, You was right about GenerateKey :) but it don't solved a
problem... My test program (that uses Botan) print: 
"terminate called after throwing an instance of 'Botan::Decoding_Error'
  what():  Botan: Decoding error: PKCS7"
How to interpretate this message? 
I saw sources of TPLockBox, and it seems that in CBC-mode this library
uses not standart form of storing encrypted message...
Is there a standart of storing encrypted message in CBC-mode?
Since first block it uses for storing InitializationVector encrypted
before, also last block for storing last data, length of which less than
size of block and in that block last byte for storing length of that
data in last block: last_block(last_data, strlen(last_data));
last_block[BLOCKSIZE-1] = strlen(last_data); encrypt(last_block);

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