[Botan-devel] Linker errors in VS2005

Boris boriss at web.de
Mon Sep 24 18:58:08 EDT 2007


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> [...] 
> > IIRC configure.pl does not set the RTL by default to /MD 
> > (which is what the
> > IDE uses). You'll need to hack the makefile (a bit) and add 
> > the switch /MD
> > (or /MDd depending on build) when compiling Botan for use 
> > with IDE projects.
> thanks, adding /MD to LANG_FLAGS and rebuilding the library helped. 

I also created a debug version using /MDd and changing LIBNAME to libbotand.
I've now two files libbotan.lib and libbotand.lib which I can use to build
release and debug versions of a DLL which is dynamically linked to the
Microsoft C++ runtime - works all fine now and without any linker warnings! 


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