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I realized this afternoon there are actually many more people
subscribed to botan-devel than botan-announce; should I be CC'ing all
release notices here, or do people not care (or read them through the
archives afterward as needed?)

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Date: Sat, 12 Apr 2008 16:26:08 -0400
Subject: [Botan-announce] Botan 1.7.5

This release is a pretty uninteresting rollup of cleanups and bug
fixes, most notably:

Two values that were previously configurable at run time were the
allocators internal chunk size, and the size of the blinding factor
used to protect RSA operations from timing attacks. These have been
changed to compile time constants set in build/build.h.

A new type, Pipe::message_id, is used to note the message number in a
Pipe object instead of the previous u32bit. Currently message_id is
just a typedef for u32bit, however in the future it is likely to
change, either to a u64bit or else a completely opaque type.  If you
are concerned about being able to process more than 2^32-2 messages in
a single Pipe object, it is easy and safe to modify the definition of
Pipe::message_id now to u64bit; just recompile Botan and your
application and you should be fine (though only to 2^64-2 messages:
this may be a problem if you anticipate sustaining a billion messages
per second).

The Named_Mutex_Holder was an undocumented abstraction that was used
inside the library in a few places. From a a set of Monotone oprofile
results it was clear it was using too much time for it's value, so it
was removed: this should make Botan slightly less resource intensive
but this will only be noticable if your application runs for a
significant amount of time.

You can create a DataSource_Stream object by passing in a
std::istream; previously you had to pass a pathname which the stream
object would open on your behalf.

Some compilation errors in comp_zlib were fixed.

The install target of the Unix Makefiles no longer attempts to set the
user or group to anything in particular.

The API of X509_CA::sign_request was changed slightly. Instead of
passing in the number of seconds you wish the resulting certificate to
be valid for (with it's validity always starting based on the return
value of time(3)), you pass two X509_Time varibles which explicitly
declare the stop and end times for the cert.

The license has been changed to directly reflect the contributing
authors, as previously in:

This release has only been tested on Gentoo Linux amd64. Reports about
other builds (succesful or not) would be appreciated: I am going to
attempt a build list (http://botan.randombit.net/builds.html) so what
is/is not being tested is easier to figure out (including for me).

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