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Joel Low joel at joelsplace.sg
Sun Apr 13 19:24:39 EDT 2008


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> I just committed (and synced to the public server on randombit.net)
> something for the BOTAN_DLL settings that will work everywhere (more
> or less), but I'm not really sure what to do about the runtime thing.
> Would it be simpler to do this if there were 4 distinct builds?
> static shared static-debug shared-debug? (And then be able to provide
> compiler options, etc for any of them).

Yeah! Something like that.

> Certainly -fPIC has costs on
> x86 (and to some extent elsewhere), and currently the static lib is
> built from -fPIC objects if you make a shared/static combined build.
> It would basically double build times though (assuming most people
> want both an .a/.lib and .so/.dll - I'm not sure how true that is
> though).

For us Windows developers we'd just use the DLL to distribute, the .lib is
generated as part of the DLL, though the .lib is just a reference to the DLL
and doesn't contain any code. Usually I'd just stick to one build (usually
DLL builds) since it allows more flexibility in the future if my project
needs to be broken down to DLLs.

> -Jack
> On Sun, Apr 13, 2008 at 08:07:26PM +0800, Joel Low wrote:
> > OK I've tried my very best to make a good configure.pl and update all
> the
> > other files accordingly. Do have a look at the patch and try to clean
> it up.
> > I've edited configure.pl such that it's adding windows-only
> functionality -
> > perhaps you'll like to extend the concepts to Linux-based OSes? Do
> look
> > through and see before committing because I wrote the changes with
> minimal
> > knowledge of the idea behind the function - basically band-aiding the
> > configure.pl file coz I am not exactly too familiar with Perl...
> >
> > Regards,
> > Joel


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