[Botan-devel] RSA with EMSA3 padding

Rickard Bondesson Rickard.Bondesson at iis.se
Mon Dec 1 03:52:44 EST 2008


The padding works great and can be verified by OpenSSL.

The signature generated by EMSA3_Raw is now equal to:
openssl rsautl -in text.msg -out text.sig2 -inkey /home/rickard/.softHSM/081126111112067459.pem -sign

// Rickard

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OK. I have an implementation checked in, though I still need to find or generate test vectors. It is called EMSA3_Raw (or if instantiated through a string->object mapping, "EMSA3(Raw)").

It will be included in 1.7.24 (and in 1.8.0 when that is released next month).

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