[Botan-devel] Botan AES C/C++ Encryption Questions

Omon Edeki (Nowell, Inc) omon.edeki at nowellgroup.com
Wed Dec 17 17:43:30 EST 2008

  1.. We're working on a project in which we've been asked to migrate our entire application's encryption function from a proprietary system to AES encryption in C++.
  2.. I have done some research and it appears that the two leading open source and non-commercial libraries to use are Crypto++ and Botan
  3.. I am leaning more towards Botan because it seems like its supported by real people
  4.. My question is if we compile our code with the Botan library, when the run time executable is generated, how much more space will the Botan-compiled-and-linked application consume?
  5.. Currently our application is about 650KB on file and when loaded into memory it consumes about 1.2 MB for the code space and the dataspace. IF we add Botan, how much more memory consumption should we expect?
  6.. Im starting my project soon so you all will be getting more questions
Thanks for your support.


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