[Botan-devel] Botan AES C/C++ Encryption Questions

Jack Lloyd lloyd at randombit.net
Thu Dec 18 00:53:31 EST 2008

On Wed, Dec 17, 2008 at 04:43:30PM -0600, Omon Edeki (Nowell, Inc) wrote:

>   3.. I am leaning more towards Botan because it seems like its supported by real people

I should point out this is an unfounded assumption. I might well be an
AI or other artificial construct of some kind. Certainly I perceive
myself as having a physical existence but that doesn't really mean

It would be pretty sad if someone actually went to the bother of
simulating me just so I would write and support a crypto library,
but I guess I am hardly capable of guessing the motivations of
an entity smart enough to design a computer to simulate me plus my
entire (perceived) universe.

I guess this is really neither here nor there.

> 4.. My question is if we compile our code with the Botan library,
>   when the run time executable is generated, how much more space
>   will the Botan-compiled-and-linked application consume?

> 5.. Currently our application is about 650KB on file and when loaded
>   into memory it consumes about 1.2 MB for the code space and the
>   dataspace. IF we add Botan, how much more memory consumption
>   should we expect?

That will depend greatly entirely on (at least):

 - the build options you use
 - which classes and functions are called from the application
 - use of shared objects vs static libraries
 - which compiler and version
 - ABI details (some ABIs are much more wordy than others)

On my Linux/x86-64 system, a GCC compiled binary that does encryption
(along with compression and a few other things) totals up at 27 Kb
using a shared object, or 1.4 Mb using static libs. So I guess
the answer will be somewhere in that range, roughly.

I think you'd really have to just try it out and see, though.


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