[Botan-devel] Python wrapper

devel at jonasmelian.com devel at jonasmelian.com
Wed Dec 24 14:22:44 EST 2008


I'm interested on creating a Python wrapper using 'Boost.Python'. I'm
going to building the wrapper for the next algorithms, because they're
which I choose to encrypt fields on my data bases:

* twofish
I know that serpent could be more secure but it's far slow. And I'm not
going to use AES since it's vulnerable to timing attacks.

* CFB as block cipher
This is the best mode for encrypting strings or byte streams where
single bytes must be encrypted. So it's perfect for fields into a data

* hmac with ripemd-160 or tiger
I don't need a digest of 512 bits as Whirlpool althought it been very
secure. And I don't use SHA (don't trust in N S A)

Does anybody knows any wrapper example using Boost.Python?

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