[Botan-devel] Re: botan-devel Digest, Vol 38, Issue 11

Jack Lloyd lloyd at randombit.net
Tue Feb 26 13:51:10 EST 2008

On Tue, Feb 26, 2008 at 08:43:32PM +0200, pr0theus user wrote:
> >
> > Sorry for the confusion, WRT to the version question I meant Botan
> > itself. (Though the GCC information is useful as well, I suppose).
> I am working  with botan 1.6.3 which I modified to run part of the code on
> the SIMD processors in the CBE.The unmodified version compiles and works
> fine. I just posted this question to see if someone has a clue to where this
> error could come from.

The most obvious way I could see how that would happen is if
defalloc.cpp was removed from the build (or if Allocator::get was
commented out or removed from that file, obviously).

Another possibility here would be that the allocator code was compiled
for the PPU but portions of the library code which access the
allocator were compiled for the SPU. (Anywere you see
SecureVector/MemoryRegion/anything like that, it requires the
allocator code in mem_pool - probably most of this is inappropriate
for the SPU environment).

You may want to look at the engines code, which would allow you to
offer alternative implementations that could be coded for the SPU,
with simple stubs compiled into Botan that call into the
SPU. (Something quite similiar is done for OpenSSL ciphers, for
instance (in botan/modules/eng_ossl/ossl_bc.cpp)


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