[Botan-devel] crashing in dso

Mayur Patel patel at coredp.com
Wed Jan 30 16:41:11 EST 2008

I've used the botan library (1.6.3) successfully in a couple simple 
executable binaries, using gcc 4.0.2 and Fedora Core 4.  But compiling 
the same code into dsos, I get crashes inside the load_key() function, 
during the destruction of a std::vector.

I'm confident that I've isolated the problem to be somewhere between the 
std::allocator and the botan library.  I am still able to get it to 
crash by purposely leaking memory - by not deleting the returned memory 
from load_key().  In that case, it's crashing in the std::allocator 
later in the software, during a std::vector allocation; so I'm very 
suspicious of interactions between the std::allocator and mechanisms in 

My application is very very simple - almost precisely the example code 
on the webpage for digital signature authentication.   I am calling the 
library initializer with "thread_safe."

Short of starting to pull out wires, I'm not sure what other "easy 
stuff" to check.  Any suggestions?

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