[Botan-devel] RFC: Removal of PK filter objects (pk_filts.h)

Jack Lloyd lloyd at randombit.net
Thu Jun 12 15:02:33 EDT 2008

During some work on removing the global PRNG object, the public key
filter classes have come up as being problematic. They require access
to an RNG (since doing an encryption or signature operation may
require an RNG, for instance DSA, or RSA with EME1 or EMSA4), but it
is difficult to fit the additional argument into the whole Filter

Normally I would probably try to come up with some hackish/nominally
clever solution, _but_ I realize that I have not myself personally
ever used those classes (except in the DSA examples, which I probably
wrote that way explicitly to demo the filters), nor have I seen any
other code that used them. So, on the principle that dead code is bad
(and since if they do stay I'll have to do extra work on letting them
continue to be operational) I'd like to simply remove them entirely in
the next release. Comments? If you are using these classes, now is
your chance to scream loudly.

On the chopping block:


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