[Botan-devel] Botan 1.7.7 released

Jack Lloyd lloyd at randombit.net
Sat Jun 28 10:16:22 EDT 2008

Botan 1.7.7 has been released. The major noticable change in this
release is the removal of the global PRNG object. Functions that had
previously relied on the global PRNG instead take a
RandomNumberGenerator& argument. For example generating an RSA key
is now
  RSA_PrivateKey(rng_object, size_in_bits, [exponent]);

This changed a large number of APIs. Of course none of these changes
are currently documented in any way [1].

To create an RNG to use, you can either set up one manually, or
(recommended), call RandomNumberGenerator::make_rng(), which will
return a new RandomNumberGenerator* (it will also be seeded, assuming
at least one entropy source was compiled into the library).

Other changes include the es_ftw being almost entirely rewritten, it
is now (mostly) thread-safe. A test suite for the X9.31 PRNG class was
also added.

As always, if you can let me know about any builds (successful or not),
so I can include them in the list at


it would be greatly appreciated!


[1] But at least now that is officially a bug

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