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Falko Strenzke strenzke at flexsecure.de
Mon Jun 30 11:48:56 EDT 2008


hereby I want to inform you about the InSiTo project 
(http://www.flexsecure.eu/insito/index.html). In this project, 
FlexSecure GmbH, domiciled in Darmstadt, Germany, in corporation with 
the Technical University of Darmstadt, created a cryptographic library 
based on Botan. Please refer to the web page for details.

The changes encompass the implementation of further cryptographic 
schemes (mostly two new PRNGs and EC-based cryptography), some API 
changes (mostly due to the consistent use of smartpointers everywhere), 
and the implementation of a rather unusual type of certificates (a 
certain type of card verifiable certificates for passports). Jack Lloyd 
and us agreed on merging some of these changes into the main release of 
Botan, and some (like the smart pointer modifications) into a special 
branch. The basic goal is to make the InSiTo library, as it was created 
in our project, a special version of Botan (while some features will be 
part of the standard release, however). This will take a while, so in 
the meantime, FlexSecure will provide a the possibility to download the 
InSiTo library from the above webpage.

In the course of the project, we also created doxygen source code 
documentation for most of the new features. An architectural overview 
will also follow, and probably the source code documentation will be 


Falko Strenzke
FlexSecure GmbH
Industriestr. 12
64297 Darmstadt

Tel. +49 (0) 6151 50123-14
E-Mail strenzke at flexsecure.de


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