[Botan-devel] botan 1.8.0 release schedule. 1.7.22 is 1.8.0 RC1

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Tue Nov 18 03:48:06 EST 2008


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One minor yet major change that has happened on mainline and will be
in 1.7.23: by default, if configuring to build with GNU C++ or Intel
C++, TR1 will be assumed. This can easily be disabled by passing
--with-tr1=none to configure.pl, but it has the effect that on many
systems ECDSA will be built by default. So to effectively see the
release candidate state, either enable tr1 explicitly using
--with-tr1=system, or get nrb head from
(tar file to current revision) which already has the changes for this
which will appear in 1.7.23 (the remainder of the changes expected in
1.7.23 are test/documentation updates, nothing API changing).

I'm not sure of the necessary implementation details offhand, but IIRC
MSVC 2008 >= SP1 includes C++0x TR1 standard library by default. Will it
be possible to autodetect it and enable the ECDSA stuff automatically? I
could be of assistance, where needed.


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