[Botan-devel] More configure.pl issues

Joel Low joel at joelsplace.sg
Fri Oct 3 06:50:40 EDT 2008


I use Windows and compile Botan as a DLL and a few things need changing.

* The makefile generated uses STATIC_LIB as a target. Now this is fine,
but under VC there's no /NAME command line option and the import library
is determined by the name of the resulting DLL. So these three lines
replace the old STATIC_LIB and LIBNAME lines in my repaired makefile:
    o LIBNAME       = botan$(LIBNAMESUFFIX)
    o LIBEXT        = dll
    o BOTANLIB      = $(LIBNAME).$(LIBEXT)
    o This is kind of against the Linux tradition of naming libraries
libX; Windows generally doesn't observe this rule (I've got nothing
against it, it's just a preference)
* When building a shared library, under Windows, the $(LINK_TO) must be
passed to the linker or undefined references result
* And, as mentioned, there's no /NAME command line parameter, the name
of the DLL and the corresponding import library has to be set using the
/OUT command line option

Thank you!


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