[Botan-devel] [Monotone-devel] library build

Markus Wanner markus at bluegap.ch
Mon Oct 6 04:29:35 EDT 2008


Zbigniew Zagórski wrote:
> My mistake, Library_State dependency in get_cipher was introduced in 1.7.14
> (1.7.15 is trunk in this discussion)

Oh, really? Looks like I've confused that. Must be a missing 'build.h'
which confused me.

> Here 15 should be changed to 14 (will do in minutes).

Cool, thanks, that looks reasonable. I didn't know this change was going
to disappear again in 1.7.15.

> Sorry for noise. All this was caused by botan/build.h not being
> installed by all invocations
> of botans  "make install".

Yeah, that obviously confused me as well, several times. Jack has fixed
that AFAIK.

> we should rethink if botan should be system library in there is risk that
> someone will have only 1.6.Y or some old and incompatible 1.7.X on his system.

I haven't really tried 1.6, but again, I don't think we have the
resources to "back-port" to 1.6. OTOH, Jack sounds like it could be

> Well I have rather conservative view of how binary API should evolve:
> interfaces
> should in general only grow and deprecated elements should be removed
> with some latency and deprecation warnings in documentation. I admit its
> one of few advantages of otherwise awfull WinAPI.

I agree to that for stable branches, yes.

> But that's an a little off topic for this discussion ... so let's
> leave this for some cold winter evening.



Markus Wanner

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