[Botan-devel] A request to everyone: /proc/cpuinfo and uname information

Jack Lloyd lloyd at randombit.net
Mon Oct 6 13:14:36 EDT 2008

Recently there have been a number of bugs in the CPU autodetection
noticed, especially several recent observations sent to me offlist by
Derek Scherger.

A lot of these are related to how /proc/cpuinfo is parsed. I have
fixed the worst of the bugs in the mainline configure.pl, but I would
really like to test other systems.

If anyone/everyone can send me the contents of /proc/cpuinfo (for
Linux (or anything else that has it (?))) and for any
Unix/Unix-looking thing they have access to:

uname -a
uname -m
uname -p

Plus any additional information about the OS and processor that seems

This will allow me to test that configure.pl is actually going to
autodetect the system properly.

Even totally bog-standard x86/x86-64 systems would be very very
useful, and send as many as you have access to / can be bothered
with. There were numerous bugs in handling Pentium-M systems, for
example, simply because I have not had recent access to a Pentium-M,
and things ended up breaking since I had nothing to test against. I am
trying to generate a large corpus of /proc/cpuinfos representing the
whole user base that I can test new changes to configure.pl aginst so
people don't have to deal with misdetected processors and broken
builds. (So doing this will probably end up saving you time in the
future, assuming you plan on building a new version of Botan at some


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