[Botan-devel] Botan 1.7.15: GF(p)/ECDSA/ECKAEG, further modularization, better CPU detection

Jack Lloyd lloyd at randombit.net
Tue Oct 7 18:07:49 EDT 2008

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Subject: [Botan-announce] Botan 1.7.15: GF(p)/ECDSA/ECKAEG,
	further modularization, better CPU detection


I've rolled out Botan 1.7.15 with the following changes:

 - Added GP(p) arithmetic and ECDSA/ECKAEG from InSiTo. Currently the
   GF(p) code requires TR1's shared_ptr, and it is disabled by default
   (disabling ECDSA entirely). If you'd like to try out ECDSA, and
   your compiler has TR1, pass --enable-module=gfpmath to configure.pl

   The ECDSA code is virtually untested at this time. It has been
   pushed out for early review. Please poke at it if you are

 - Better CPU autodetection using /proc/cpuinfo - Derek Scherger
   suggested using longest match first, which seems to work very well
   in practice.

 - Added a User Manual and Architecture Guide contributed by FlexSecure GmbH

 - More modular builds: any or all of the public key algorithms can be
   disabled from the build. Previously only portions of the code were
   actually not compiled: now the entire algorithm is absent if it is
   not enabled in the build, allowing much smaller binaries if desired
   (down to a minimum of about 500 KiB on x86-64). This required
   splitting a number of headers like pk_ops.h and pk_core.h. I don't
   think this will affect many applications, if any.

 - Better autotools compatability. Zack Weinberg suggested a number of
   ways that configure.pl could be more compatible with autotools,
   many of which seemed highly sensible from a user perspective. So
   keep in mind a number of options have been changed. Run
   configure.pl with --help for more info.

Download from http://botan.randombit.net/ or directly at

Hail Eris!

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