[Botan-devel] Botan 1.7.16: Card Verifiable Certificates, SHA-224, ECDSA fixes

Jack Lloyd lloyd at randombit.net
Thu Oct 9 10:30:16 EDT 2008


I've released Botan 1.7.16 today. It corrects several major problems
in the ECDSA code (several necessary source files were not even
included in the release). The merge with InSiTo
(http://www.flexsecure.eu/insito/) continues, with the addition of
Card Verifiable Certificates, SHA-224, and a BSI variant of the EMSA1
signature padding scheme. I also added some basic tests for GF(p) and
ECDSA - these show that the GF(p) multiplication in 1.7.16 has at
least one bug, so I would advise caution using ECDSA.

The ECC module was split from ecdsa into the base module ecc_key and
the algorithm specific directories ecdsa and eckaeg. GF(p) math is
disabled by default in this release, which also disables ECDSA/ECKAEG
and CVC (which depends on ECDSA). To enable them (which requires, in
this release, TR1's shared_ptr AND the Boost Preprocessor library (the
use of Boost Preprocessor is from InSiTo and will probably be removed
in the future)), pass --enable-modules=gfpmath to configure.pl

As always, please let me know of builds to record in


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