[Botan-devel] For the autoconf users - botan.m4

Jack Lloyd lloyd at randombit.net
Sat Oct 11 11:53:57 EDT 2008

As might be obvious, I am not exactly a huge fan of autoconf or
automake. However I do know many people like and/or use them, so I
figured it worth mentioning that for a branch of Monotone, Markus
Wanner has written a pretty sane botan.m4 that checks the version of
Botan, runs botan-config with the right arguments to set compiler
flags, all that good stuff.

Unfortunately I cannot manage to pull up the sources currently with
viewmtn, but it is in the net.venge.monotone.stripped branch (and will
hopefully be in mainline n.v.m sooner rather than later).

The current version is very slightly Monotone specific (just in some
text output, and in the range of version numbers it checks for, as far
as I can see), so it should be easy to use in other projects. If you
use it and find you need to modify it, please send patches to me
and/or Markus.


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