[Botan-devel] Botan 1.7.17: Functioning GF(p)/ECDSA

Jack Lloyd lloyd at randombit.net
Sun Oct 12 00:19:06 EDT 2008


I've released Botan 1.7.17. The only major change in this release
compared to 1.7.16 is the fixing of several bugs which were preventing
ECDSA from operating correctly. The ECDSA test suite from InSiTo has
been included in the normal Botan self-tests and is currently passing
all tests everywhere I have tried it.

If you would like to test ECDSA, remember to pass
--enable-modules=gfpmath to configure.pl to enable it (and remember
that TR1's shared_ptr is required in this case).

Other smaller changes in this release:

- botan-config will not print -L commands if the prefix is normally
searched by the compiler (/usr or /usr/lib)

- BOTAN_DLL macros were added to most (all?) classes missing them

- The Boost dependency which had existed in the last release or two of
  the GF(p) math code has been removed.

I've been on somewhat fast release cycle recently, with this being the
third Botan release in 5 days, and the eighth since September 1st. I
expect this pace to slow down quite a bit now that most of InSiTo has
landed on the tree.

As always, download links are at http://botan.randombit.net/


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