[Botan-devel] Botan 1.7.12: add Perl XS, SWIG, SSE2 SHA-1, Visual C++ x86 asm

Jack Lloyd lloyd at randombit.net
Thu Sep 18 11:23:14 EDT 2008


I'm happy to announce Botan 1.7.12 as the latest development release
of Botan. This is somewhat of a housecleaning release, I worked
through all of the remaining outstanding Botan patches I had in my
queue with the hope I will soon have time to merge more of InSiTo
(http://www.flexsecure.eu/insito/index.html), thus some nice new
features - changes in this release include:

Addition of module providing an implementation of SHA-1 using SSE2
complier intrinsics by Dean Gaudet. It is on my Core2 processor about
35% faster than C++ SHA-1 compiled with GCC 4.3.1, and should be
significantly faster on most 32-bit and 64-bit processors with SSE2.

Addition of x86 assembly for Visual C++ contributed by Luca
Piccarreta, including some SSE2 code. Luca sent me this code in
2006. On my Pentium 4-M, the code runs correctly but is slower than
the C++ code when compiled with Visual C++ 2008. If anyone wants to
take a look, the existing code should provide a good base - Luca also
contributed most of the inline x86 and x86-64 asm for GCC.

Added a Perl XS wrapper module for Botan, written and contributed by
Vaclav Ovsik. This is his version 0.01 (as far as I know the only
version released), updated slightly to compile with 1.7.12, though not
well tested. (in misc/xs)

Added a SWIG module for Botan, along with some tests in Python (in

Added high resolution timers for IA-64, HP-PA, S390x to tm_hard - not
tested, these were done blind, as I don't have access to any of these
processors currently.

Download Botan 1.7.12 via http://botan.randombit.net/ or directly from

A short PSA: I am currently looking for work. My background is
primarily in development (C++, Python, C, Perl, Scala) and computer
security, if you have need for security reviews (protocol review,
source code review, app testing) or custom development, take a look at
my background at http://randombit.net/resume.html. Contact me offlist
for more information.


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