[Botan-devel] New branch net.randombit.botan.modularized

Jack Lloyd lloyd at randombit.net
Sun Sep 28 15:46:30 EDT 2008

Oh, pros/cons as I see them:

Pro: Easier to find (or add, or modify) code

Pro: Somewhat simpler to add platform specific code

Con: Will make people using non-default build systems unhappy

Others I am forgetting?


On Sun, Sep 28, 2008 at 03:45:02PM -0400, Jack Lloyd wrote:
> I've been hacking on a new branch this afternoon,
> net.randombit.botan.modularized
> The intent is
>   a) Clean up the directory structure so things are easier to find
>   b) Allow (cleanly) adding or removing algorithms at build time
> So far I've modularized most of the cryptographic functions (except
> for public key, due to a dependency on the engine code which I will
> have to remove first). For example
> $ ls src/cipher/ src/hash src/timer
> src/cipher/:
> aes/ blowfish/ des/ idea/ lion/ mars/ noekeon/ rc5/ safer/ seed/
> skipjack/ tea/ twofish/ xtea/ arc4/ cast/ gost/ kasumi/ lubyrack/
> misty1/ rc2/ rc6/ salsa20/ serpent/ square/ turing/ wid_wake/
> src/hash:
> fork256/ has160/ md2/ md4/ md5/ rmd128/ rmd160/ sha1/ sha1_sse2/ sha2/
> tiger/ whirlpool/
> src/timer:
> cpu_counter/ gettimeofday/ posix_rt/ win32_query_perf_ctr/
> (the contents of src/timer being previously modules/tm_*)
> The X.509 code (certs, CA, CRLs PKCS #10) has also been all moved into
> a new module x509.
> (Though still a bunch of stuff remains in the 'core lib' of src/, and
> as well there are some dependencies on the modules by the core lib
> (for instance HMAC and AES)).
> With only the most basic algorithms enabled Botan's binary is about
> 60% of the size of the default build. I expect this will drop further
> once I mange to make the public key algorithms modular as well. One
> can enable or disable say via
> ./configure.pl --modules=aes,hmac --no-modules=blowfish,rc5,x509
> I'm definitely thinking about landing this on mainline relatively
> shortly (eg before the next dev release), though there are still some
> things to work out before that point. In particular enabling the
> different SHA-1 implementations does not work right now, I need to fix
> this. Also I need to get the dependencies correct for the core lib,
> this should not be too difficult though in the long run.
> Comments, review, etc most appreciated.
> -Jack
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