[Botan-devel] patch: configure.pl correctly detects mingw environment

Zbigniew Zagórski z.zagorski at gmail.com
Tue Sep 30 08:36:14 EDT 2008


patch attached.

Genesis: original configure.pl had problems detecting CPU and OS:

   (warning): Could not determine CPU type  (try --cpu option)
(autoconfig): Guessing to use gcc as the compiler (use --cc to set)
   (warning): Unknown OS ('msys', 'mingw32_nt-5.1'), falling back to
generic code
   (warning): Enabling -fpermissive to work around possible GCC bug

Change summary:
 - recognize i686 as ia32 platform
 - add new os type: mingw with aliases msys and mingw32
 - *_win32 modules: enable on mingw OS


Intuition says that i686 should be detected as ia32 because it's
submodel of ia32 but it doesn't happen.

On mingw
 - uname -p says unknown
 - uname -m says i686

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Zbigniew Zagórski
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