[Botan-devel] InSiTo/Botan merge - documentation, ECDSA

Jack Lloyd lloyd at randombit.net
Tue Sep 30 21:17:36 EDT 2008

[CC'ing botan-devel as general interest]

On Tue, Sep 30, 2008 at 09:57:05AM +0200, Falko Strenzke wrote:

> I attached our API documentation. These are all the header files we
> documented. They feature the modified include directives I mentioned.  I
> also attached the two documentations we created for the BSI.

The header comments would be good to add, but due to divergence
between InSiTo and mainline Botan it may be a bit tricky to do these
in any way other than copying and pasting them in by hand with an
editor. So it may take a while before I find the time.

As to the users manual and arch guide: Certainly a great deal in these
is InSiTo specific, but other parts cover the common core of
Botan/InSiTo in perhaps new ways. Parts of the architecture guide are
also 'broken' due to the most recent changes (for example source
layout), however much of it applies well. And I see I last updated the
existing Botan internals doc in August 2006, so any internals
documentation based on a recent design is absolutely an improvement.

Once again, thank you for providing all of this! I know I am grouchy
sometimes about how much effort the merge is but nonetheless you (by
which I mean both yourself personally and also FlexSecure) have
contributed back a great deal whereas I know of at least one and maybe
two other similiar projects based on Botan that did not share their
improvements (and in at least one case the company is out of business,
so that software is probably lost forever).

Just after I released 1.7.14, I merged net.randombit.botan.ecdsa which
includes InSiTo's GF(p) math and ECC/ECDSA code (as the modules
math/gfpmath, pk/ecdsa, and pk/ec_dompar). However the code has (as of
now) not been tested at all and is not really very well integrated
with the rest of Botan yet.


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