[Botan-devel] Sending raw, unencoded data over a network

Jack Lloyd lloyd at randombit.net
Mon Apr 13 20:04:36 EDT 2009

On Mon, Apr 13, 2009 at 03:23:14PM -0400, Z. S. O. wrote:
> Yes, recv returns the actual data size, but that's after it has already been
> copied into the buffer. It looks like this:
> int len = recv(socket, buffer, 1024);
> So buffer already will only contain part of the data, and the rest is
> presumably lost. I'm trying to ask this on a networking-oriented mailing
> list because I don't want to bother you with off-topic questions, but if you
> have experience with this I'm open to any suggestions. Thanks.

Nothing pops out to me. I think the first thing I'd try here is
running tcpdump on the line and seeing if the packet on the wire
contains the full contents or not. That at least cuts the problem
space in half and you can know to dig further into the sender or the


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