[Botan-devel] Building Botan with a Static Runtime

Joel Low joel at joelsplace.sg
Tue Feb 17 05:53:52 EST 2009


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> Joel Low wrote:
> > Actually, you can just edit the generated makefile after configure
> > has been run.
> I chose to edit the msvc file because I felt marginably more
> comfortable
> with my ability to correctly change one line over using my editor's
> search-and-replace function to change 262 items.
[Joel Low] the Makefile LIB_OPT variable is useful for this - it does help if you want to run LTCG or force certain optimisation commands while building Botan. Usually, I'd compile Botan with /O2 even under debug mode as Botan usually doesn't need debugging. Just an opinion :)

> The original at line 18 of msvc:
> dll_import_flags "__declspec(dllimport)"
> dll_export_flags "__declspec(dllexport)"
> was changed to:
> dll_import_flags ""
> dll_export_flags ""
[Joel Low] I think that's because you passed --shared to configure. I build DLL builds and I don't get the problem... The whole DLL thing is rather new for Botan (on Windows anyway) so I think it's one of those teething bugs. I think I've informed Jack that the __declspec calls were written wrongly in the configure script and dllexport is defined where dllimport should be used instead. I believe it's related (somewhat), though I'm not too sure how.

Do keep us (or me anyway!) posted, I'm interested to see how Botan + VC works out on Windows, especially regarding DLL builds.


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