[Botan-devel] Building Botan with a Static Runtime

Charles Brockman cmbrockman at verizon.net
Tue Feb 17 19:02:29 EST 2009

Joel Low wrote:
> ...the Makefile LIB_OPT variable is useful for this - it does
> help if you want to run LTCG or force certain optimisation commands
> while building Botan.

The first time I looked at the makefile I glanced at the Compiler Options 
section and thought that it was "informational only." That shows you what I 
know about makefiles. Now that I'm not so distracted I went back to the 
original msvc file and ran "perl 
configure.pl --cc=msvc --enable-debug --disable-shared" on it. Then I added 
"/MTd" to the end of the "LANG_FLAGS" line in makefile and did "nmake." 

> [Joel Low] I think that's because you passed --shared to configure.

I think 'shared' is the default. Now I'm explicitly adding 
"--disable-shared" as shown above.

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